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         The company has a long tradition in the field of special services for the industry and long-term external works in the company Embraco SK. Since 2000 the company started as Jurkovský are carried out in the area of Embraco various types of work:

  • informative test, measurement, analysis and checking

  • installation of cables, electrical switchgears, batteries and compressors

  • easy installation works

  • working metal easily

         Since 2014, the company was transformed into JURKENS s.r.o and continue to successfully operate as an external supplier of special services to the industry for the company Embraco SK, which is a multinational company which employs in Slovakia more than 2,000 employees. The company Embraco is the world leader in the manufacture of compressors and condensing units for refrigeration.


What we offer:

  • informative test, measurment, analysis and control

  • installation of cables, motors, batteries and compressors

  • easy installation works

  • working metal easily

  • intermediary activity in commerce, services and manufacturing


You are looking for staff? Staff left you and you don´t have compensation? You are looking for seasonal workers?

We have a solution - Take advantage of our professional services. Currently employs more than 30 employees.






























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