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         Currently the company JURKENS Ltd. acts as an external contractor in the company Embraco Slovakia s.r.o. Spisska Nova Ves , which currently employs more than 30 workers. In the premises of Embraco carried easy instalation works, informative tests, measurements, analysis. Checks components, selects and assembles various small compressor components. It works as required, and also an agreement on a three-shift operation.
          Embraco was founded in 1971 - in order to supply the Brazilian market for cooling, which, until then, relied entirely on imported compressors - Embraco began production in 1974. In the same decade, has begun to export to markets in North and South America.
In 1980, it was sales and distribution network in over 80 countries. Later the company decided to set up a production base and abroad and will soon become the world leader. Today, Embraco global market share to 25%.
Embraco employs approximately 13,000 people worldwide. The company invests in product design and manufacturing innovation. Their products favor large global companies for the production of household appliances such as the well-known producers of products for commercial refrigeration.
          The management of the company is located in Joinville, Santa Catarina in the South region of Brazil. Embraco also has plants in Italy, Slovakia and China and sales office in the United States. Embraco produces hermetic compressors, condensing units for domestic and commercial use


























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